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10 maio 2010

Peixe:Avião - Madrugada - No Jogo da Quimera
Orelha Negra - Blessed + A Cura - Palco RUA na SA'10
Youthless - O Final do concerto - Palco RUA na SA'10
Archive - Lights - Fold
Amon Tobim - Out From Out Where - Chronic Tronic
A Place to Bury Strangers - I Know I'll See You
Ladytron - Velocifero - Black Cat
Duchess Says - Anthologie Des 3 Perchoirs - I've Got The Flu
The Kills - Midnight Boom - What New York Used to Be
Die! Die! Die! - Promises Promises - Whitehorses
Girls Against Boys - Cruise Yourself - Kill The Sex Player
Fu Manchu - We Must Obey - Knew It All Along
Queens Of The Stone Age - If Only
Gliss - Devotion Implosion - Lovers In The Bathroom
Black Rebel Motorcicle Club - Take Them On, On Your Own - Suddenly
Linda Martini - Demo - Lição de Voo nº1
Sonic Youth - Goo - Kool Thing
The Allstar Project - Your Reward...A Bullet - For a Friend
Fjord Rowboat - Paragon
Mogwai - The Hawk Is Howling - I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead
Neurosis & Jarboe - Within
Cult of Luna - Somewhere Along The Higway - Dim

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